Behaviour Policy

No harassment or hate speech, regardless of whether it is directed at a guild member or someone else. This includes, but is not limited to, things like race/ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and/or other core aspects of personal identity or shared personal information. This applies everywhere, including the forums and discord, and applies both to interactions with other guild members and to those outside the guild.

We're a guild of adults, which means we should act that way more often than not. Please don't make a habit of being seriously mean, rude, or inflammatory towards others. Although many of us are sarcastic and like to teasingly insult each other, remember always that we are also friends and should behave in ways that reflect that. If someone expresses discomfort with what you felt was friendly ribbing, please respect that.

Drama sucks. Don't make any, don't perpetuate any, and ignore what other players may stir up.

Remember you are representing our guild any time you interact with players out on Feathermoon or in cross-server. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to be kind and patient with every idiot they encounter, but please make an effort to bite your tongue more often than not. I really want us to have a positive reputation as good players and that can't happen if the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Muffins is "assholes." Even if it's true, let's make sure it doesn't overwhelm our virtues as our dominant quality.

Discord, Forum & In-Game Chat Policy

All chat is "out of character."

Swearing is allowed and commonplace, provided it adheres to the behavioural policy.

Adult topics are allowed, but please exercise common sense about what may or may not be appropriate for sharing with people over the internet. Just because you can tell people doesn't mean they want to hear.

For personal fights and private discussions, please use whispers or private messages. Don't dominate chat with extended one-to-one conversations which can stifle others from being able to use the channel.

Grounds for Removal

Hateful conduct is not welcome and offenders will be removed (see the behaviour section for details).

The following activities are not tolerated and in most circumstances will result in removal from the guild: Botting, hacking, phishing, using exploits, scamming and "ninja looting." I don't want that kind of behaviour associated with our guild tag.

Invite Policy

Muffins is an exclusive guild that does not recruit. Our roster is limited to friends, family and close raiding buddies. Those who meet these criteria is almost always welcome to join us. Old members who voluntarily left the guild are welcome back at any time.

Most people in the guild are capable of inviting players. Please use this power cautiously. The primary purpose of granting this power to members to invite each others' alts without hassle. In most cases, it is preferable that you ask the guild leader before inviting a totally new person. By inviting a person, you are putting your word behind them as a guild member.

All guild members are required to identify their alts on their social guild tab by listing their main in the public or officer note. Alts that are not identified will be demoted or removed.

Rank / Promotions / Demotions

Everyone is on pretty equal footing in Muffins. There are essentially three functioning status levels in Muffins (although these may be split up into several ranks with insignificant differences in-game):

  1. Total control - This is for the guild leader only, including my alt that does maintenance on the guild bank. The abilities exclusive to this rank include total bank access and the ability to promote players.
  2. "Officer" level powers - This rank has access to all tabs of the bank for reasonable withdraw limit, the ability to invite new members, demote powers, the ability to make character notes, edit the Message of the Day, and create guild events. This rank is standard for nearly all members. Raid members have the additional ability to access the seventh bank tab, which is used for the raid, and a higher repair allowance.
  3. New, unidentified members - This rank has almost no bank access, cannot invite or demote and does not get a repair allowance. If you're at this rank, it's probably because you haven't identified yourself in the public note.

Bank Access

Please do not withdraw large amounts of items from the guild bank at a time without explanation. Please do not use "high end" materials for the purpose of skill ups. Please do not use expensive consumables on non-raiding characters.

For expanded rules, please see this thread.

Use of an authenticator is strongly encouraged for bank access. If you do not use an authenticator, are less stringent with your browsing habits, have been hacked in the past, or are in the inappropriate habit of account sharing, it is highly recommended that you request to be given a modified rank with limited bank access, to prevent your entire guild from being upset when the person in control of your account cleans out our goods.